Cyber Security Risk Management

Identify, analyze, evaluate, and address organization’s cybersecurity threats based on international ISO standards and best practices

Project Management & Consulting

Provide oversight and leadership in executing high-quality information security projects from planning to completion

Technical Coordination & Software Development

Design, develop new, enhance, improve, modify, update, upgrade, maintain, and support software applications

A satisfied customer is our business strategy

Our mission is to truly improve our customers’ experience, help them think beyond improving operational processes and focus on the factors that make a real, tangible impact on the their business

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Services
Effectiveness, safety and customer – centredness are the core dimensions of our services
Domain Expertise
We combine modern communication skills with an in-depth understanding of evolving technology
Trust & Reliability
We are accountable, consistently performing and delivering on what we promise.
Professionalism is an outward display of our attitude toward our customers’ needs and company

Key Innovation Areas of Expertise: Insights from Research Projects

Successful innovation is part of our business strategy, allowing us to create a culture of innovation, improving productivity, developing more effective processes, services and products, and make a way for creative thinking. 

SECANT Project

Security and Privacy Protection in Internet of Things devices

CyberSecPro Project

Collaborative, Multi-modal and Agile Professional Cybersecurity Training Program for A Skilled Workforce In the European Digital Single Market and Industries

SecOpera Project

Secure Open-Source Software and Hardware Adaptable Framework