Collaborative, Multi-modal and Agile Professional Cybersecurity Training Program for A Skilled Workforce In theEuropean Digital Single Market and Industries

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In Brief

CyberSecPro promotes a conceptual disruptive approach with regards to existing approaches to training solutions. The project contributes to the broader need for cybersecurity marketing skills and technical/practical capabilities. CyberSecPro aims to upskill and develop a workforce capable of overcoming the increasing security challenges that will burden innovation and excellence. This overarching goal can be achieved with the methodology adopted in the CyberSecPro project. 

Further, the project utilises the processes developed within many EU Cybersecurity pilot projects and adppts relevant EU innovation and development work: CyberSecPro will drive the HEIs to further enhance their cooperation with the private sector, in order to become the main suppliers of the necessary market-oriented cybersecurity skills and working-life practices required in the digital transformation, via providing hands-on trainings.

What we are working on

CyberSecPro Analysis

We analyse the EU Cybersecurity market to build education and training materials that individuals and organisations need.

CyberSecPro Events

We undertake a lot of education, training and dissemination events to spread and apply our knowledge and results.

CyberSecPro Training Materials

We develop a large variety of materials that can be used by educators and trainers in cybersecurity.

CyberSecPro Certification

We develop a certification scheme to recognise cybersecurity competencies.

CyberSecPro Stakeholders

CyberSecPro has been designed to support a variety of stakeholders.


CyberSecPro will help educators in advancing their course offerings.


Learners can directly benefit from the materials developed and the courses shaped by CyberSecPro.


Companies will benefit from CyberSecPro with respect to upskilling and reskilling their workforce.